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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Versace 2010 Men’s Spring and

Summer Exotic Tune

Hot in Milan ! Versace 2010 men’s spring and summer tune the color to desert-based, filled with sexy mature men taste.

This season, the series comes with a story of the brand :-

A United States war veterans in France is lost in the sand dunes, come to meet the local tribes. He got to change his ways in order to adapt to local dress customs. Uniforms and exotic mixed elements created a “mixed” style crocodile ‘men and wildness’ designed T-shirt and vest in reflecting the wildness to its fullness.

versace2010men Belt, Bracelet, Exotic, Manhood, Men, Mysterious, Rope, Series, Spring, Unique, Versace, WildnessMEN FASHION TRENTS SPRING 2010

The whole series come in white, yellowish, gray, black and blue as the main base color. With slightly mysterious necklace, bracelet, belt and other minor accessories rope runs through the whole flight cap brings out a very adventurous spirit. The two of the buttons has also replaced by string, which is rather unique. Specialty washed-style shirt brings out two different style in look, which becomes the series big bright spot.

Rod militarism with color button allows the design of some of the excessive deviation from the more moderate, the same sand bar buttons also get much hardened. Nevertheless, in trying to bring out the exotic mix effects, I guess it would be much better in opening up more space in T-shirt, showcasing the model’s chest’s charm, that would surely highlight the ‘manhood’ factor !

Versace men fashion trends spring 2010VERSACE NEW TRENDS

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