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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hermes - a taboo for the masses

Hermes - a taboo for the masses

Hermes fashion style 2009HERMES NEW TRENDS
One reason Hermes to succeed where all other luxury companies in the world fail is that the brand always has a strategy to rescue them in times like the present. This is an eternal and single brand strategy - to avoid so-called "luxury for the masses. While other brands expand their markets to mass production and then lose and wean the price, Hermes has never been a spoon of each mouth and their only strategy remains in the service of the richest people in the world that even in a recession are seeking the most good.

Hermes fashion trends 2009HERMES FASHION TRENDS

According to sources, the Executive Director Patrick Thomas brand stubbornly refused to consider masovizirane of Hermes. In his words is a sin, the brand image to be used for making easy and quick money. So once again in the history of Hermes, shown class brand over all others because the brand is only for the rich. In the past 20 years, Hermes has increased staff numbers from 300 to 2000 people, and the main and most popular products with the name of Hermes, and today remains legendary handbag Birkin.

Hermes - a taboo for the masses

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