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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bra for $ 3 million from the Victoria `s Secret

Bra for $ 3 million from the Victoria `s Secret

Each year Victoria `s Secret place in a unique and exclusive luxury bra model with which to commemorate the year. This time it is the model The 2009 Harlequin Fantasy. Top of bra Victoria `s Secret was created with the participation of Jewelery house Damiani and is encrusted with 2350 diamonds in various colors. DIAMOND BRA
DIAMOND BRADIAMOND BRA In the middle of the bra, which is unique hanging 16 carat diamond in the form of a heart. The total carat diamonds, in the hit inkrustirani model are 150 and the price of The 2009 Harlequin Fantasy is 3 million dollars. Bra will be presented in a traditional show of Victoria `s Secret on 1 December, a top model, which will cost this year is Marisa Miller.

$1,355,000 Diamond Bra


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