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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Astronauts in advertising Louis Vuitton

Astronauts in advertising Louis Vuitton


Astronauts in advertising Louis Vuitton
From Louis Vuitton found an unusual way to advertise his unique travel bags. Once people were on the mark most Hollywood celebrities, and even Mikhail Gorbachev, the company confirmed they are still number one. They did it with the crew of Apollo 11, traveled to the moon 40 years ago. Campaign qualify as a genius was done by Annie Leibovitz, and instead of models or celebrities, main actors are Buzz Aldrin - Apolo11 pilot, Jim Lovell - traveled into space four times and Sally Reid - the first American in space.

Thus, the three astronauts become legendary advertising faces the largest luxury goods company in the world, Louis Vuitton. From the brand said that so marked the 40 anniversary of the flight of Apollo 11 and pay homage to the most distant travelers on earth. The first person to set foot on the moon Neil Armstrong was also asked to be included in the ad campaign for Louis Vuitton, but according to sources he rejected participation.

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