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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Pearls and Chocolate Diamonds, a Woman’s Dream Come True!

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Most women’s eyes will gloss over in a dreamy state when you mention chocolate, diamonds and pearls in the same sentence. In the high fashion jewelry world, naturally occurring chocolate diamonds are looked down upon in comparison to flawless natural diamonds. Naturally occurring chocolate pearls however, are a rare commodity and extremely valuable.

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Many diamonds and pearls are naturally a brown color and therefore not as valuable since they are not a high quality gem. Retailer Le Vian was the first to coin the phrase Chocolate Diamond in an advertising campaign to get out the news of brown diamonds and that they can be used in high fashion jewelry. With the name of chocolate diamonds and pearls they became popular and attractive in high fashion jewelry, where as before they were just considered flawed diamonds without worth.

Brown cultured pearls are naturally occurring and they are considered more rare when they are a brown color. When you cut open a chocolate pearl, it will be a brown color throughout the pearl. Brown pearls apparently can be created by a bleaching process of Tahitian black pearl ; however, there is controversy as to if chocolate pearls are actually created this way or if they occur naturally and very rarely. Price would be the indicator if they are natural or not. Proper documents would be necessary to validate a high cost for a natural chocolate pearl.

Design trends with chocolate diamonds and chocolate pearls for the fall of 2009 are extremely promising. Celebrities are donning chocolate diamonds as high cost, high fashion jewelry. There are names for the different color varieties of chocolate diamonds, all related to tasty treats like Cinnamon, Cognac and Caramel. Average consumers can purchase a chocolate diamond of lower quality as well, but if you are Jennifer Lopez then your chocolate diamond will be the highest quality set in the highest quality gold and platinum right next to your naturally occurring cultured chocolate brown pearl necklace.

Chocolate diamonds can be purchased almost everywhere these days. At the low end of the price scale, you can even pick up a chocolate diamond ring or necklace at low price large retail stores with a small jewelry counter and staff that work in both the jewelry and makeup departments. On the other end of the price scale, you can walk into Tiffany’s and spend as much money as you have on a high quality chocolate diamond jewelry piece. Regardless of where or how much you paid for your diamond, they are all called chocolate diamonds.

Chocolate pearls are trendy to be in yellow gold settings this season and complement a variety of skin tones, particularly olive skinned complexions. Regardless of skin tone, a beautifully crafted chocolate pearl necklace with both chocolate diamond and clear diamonds that accent the rare beauty of either a solitaire or string of chocolate pearls would be the down fall of any woman. What better gift is there to give to a woman on Easter than a chocolate pearl necklace!

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