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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The most expensive wedding dress from Vietnam

The most expensive wedding dress from Vietnam

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Sometimes the beauty in mind that there are limits. Similarly, fashion designers forget that their works will be sold to "some" price. Where luxury out of control, it quickly razchuva far beyond the borders of any country. Vietnam now boasts with its most expensive wedding dress.

The name of the dress is "Bach ngok ksiem and which in Vietnamese means" dress with hundreds of precious stones. It was commissioned by a Vietnamese company DOJI Gold & Gems, and is set in the commercial center of Ruby Square in Hanoi. The price of the dress is over 100 thousand dollars.


In white silk and satin can be seen 222 red diamonds and 100 rubies. One of the ornaments of the dress is a flower made of 8 diamonds and 22 rubies, and in the heart of the flower is in the form of ruby drop, symbolizing love.
Designer made the dress, she devotes 40 days of his life, and the model ranked second contest of Miss Vietnam 2009, will defile it.

Let us not forget that in March 2008 DOJI Gold & Gems has become a sensation by making a wedding bouquet worth over 100 thousand dollars in which there were also hundreds of precious stones.

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