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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chanel Revolution

Chanel Revolution
What can bring Prince, Rihanna, Claudia Shifer and dozens of millionaires in one place? Total between them is not only that they are stars, but their bank accounts remain full even in times of crisis. The main thing they collect is called Chanel. And yet another review of the genius of Karl Lagerfeld fashion behind the legendary mark of Coco Chanel brought together the world's elite stars.
Chanel new trends revue 2009

And as always, everything showed Chanel will dictate fashion trends in the next season. This time in Paris, where he held the show on Chanel, the fashion world see that Kaiser Karl remains the best designer alive and still able to collect names such as Lily Allen, Sean Lennon and others. A designer of Chanel expert who chooses to present his collections. They say that Karl who chooses, he instantly became a star. This time he chose Lily Allen, buntarkata from London, which arrived in Paris to sing at fashion show of Chanel. Prince, who for years kept his private life secret and does not appear almost anywhere, this time made a gesture and flew especially for Lagerfeld and Chanel.

Kalr Lagerfeld in revue for new trends
Karl Lagerfeld
And all the while expecting a luxurious atmosphere, as the editor of Vougue Anna Winter flew specially for the event, Karl Lagerfeld scoring stars, models and bogoizbrani visitors in the pageant hall, complete with bales of straw and literally portray life in the countryside. Instead of glossy fashion catwalk and champagne, Chanel showed models of toilets on the dusty country road and rolled in the hay while the first rows of the audience amazed once again recognized the genius of Lagerfeld.
Claudia Shifer in Chanel revue with new fashion vision
Claudia Shifer Flowers in their hair, bare feet and much dust on the path of Chanel are just some of the surprises of the Kaiser Karl. His decision was eccentric even by supplying a real pig farms, which fully and truly to make fashion to return back to the roots. Subsequently, however, designers abandoned the idea. Because of the smell, not because it would have shocked the fashion world and potentially subjected the glory of the card. Lagerfeld, however, again won another success for Chanel. Thus, he is also the first designer in the history of haute couture dared to make his models to walk on high fashion showing bales of hay!
Prince in Chanel revue

Finally, Lagerfeld said quietly at the end of the review, exclaim - "I'm from the countryside, baby!". His next revolutionary idea at the heart of haute couture seems to be welcomed, even if Rihanna and Claudia Schiffer posing in straw bales delivered for most luxury brands in the world. And one thing is clear - Chanel and Lagerfeld has revolutionized the world of fashion.
Rihana in Chanel revue fot new trends 2009Rihanna
Chanel revolution

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