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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier leaving Hermes?

Jean Paul Gaultier leaving Hermes?
Jean Paul Gaultier in Hermes revue  paris HERMES REVUE
In the world of fashion has only a few names that seem to remain forever and that the future depends on a number of fashion empires. One of these names is to say, Jean Paul Gaultier. According to recent rumors, the French genius of Hermes will say goodbye to the fashion house. This brought confusion into the hearts of fashion experts. Gauthier past six years is creative director of one of the most luxurious fashion companies in the world. He is also the man behind each collection, including that of haute couture.

Jean Paul Gaultier picturesJean Paul Gaultier
The company is one of the few in the world will remain stable even during the crisis. In July of Hermes reported a 12 percent rise in profits and only half the French class at the marks under the expert guidance of Gautier account with 607 million dollars revenue. According to industry experts, if Gauthier really leave, it will consider an immediate drop in Hermes. However, it is not yet clear whether one of the greatest fashion designers in the world will decide to leave the big stage of Hermes.

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