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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Luxury Trends Vertu Most Expensive Phones

Luxury Trends Vertu Most Expensive Phones

Vertu is a “craft,’ producer of luxury cellular telephones and is rejuvenating it’s “Ascent,” collection this year with the release of the Vertu Ascent Ti. At less than $7,000 this could be considered a “budget,” model.

As with the entire range of Vertu phones, the Ascent Ti is completely hand-assembled, using only the best quality materials, in this case, a Titanium chassis, calfskin leather cover, a sapphire crystal screen and polished ceramic keypad. This particular model is available in red, black or brown.



The designer, Frank Nuovo said, “The Vertu Ascent satisfies a demanding public, with top level technical characteristics, having 3G quad band technology and therefore being usable practically all over the world, and a 3-megapixel camera with flash and VGA resolution.”

Certainly when compared to the rest of the range, this can only be described as “cheap.” The signature diamond for example has 943 diamonds set into the bezel and 48 more in the keys with a total weight of 8 Carats. As usual, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. I am still waiting for my sample. Vertu’s Signature Diamond Model. Ugly, but expensive:

VERTU LIKE A PIECE OF JEWELRY, EXPENSIVE phone, luxury expensive phone, phone with diamonds


Vertu are based in London and employ more than 200 highly-skilled craftsmen. Any precious metals used in the assembly are certified and stamped by the Swiss Assay Office. Only the finest leather is used, and according to their website, despite selecting only the best Northern European hides, up to 65% of every hide is rejected as being sub-standard.

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In keeping with the ultra-exclusive, ultra-luxury theme, Vertu also offer a concierge service, available 24 hours a day, almost anywhere in the world that provides information such as finding a suitable restaurant or making theatre reservations.

Another service – “Fortress,” allows you to back up your phone’s contact and calendar information with a single click. The data is backed up to an ultra-secure server maintained in an ex-military underground bunker in an undisclosed location in England. Luxury indeed.

VERTU 2010

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New Vertu Signature S, new amazing vertu, luxury lifestyle, New Vertu Signature S, luxury phone trends

New Vertu Signature S

VERTU - DREAM PHONE, luxury vertu phone, best luxury phone solutions,





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$3.2 Million Apple iPhone 3Gs Supreme

$3.2 Million Apple iPhone 3Gs Supreme

British designer Stuart Hughes has created the most expensive cell phone on Earth by adding some serious bling to Apple's iPhone, says.

Hughes used 271 grams of 22-karat gold and 136 flawless diamonds to create an iPhone 3GS worth a whopping $3.2 million.

lifestyle, lififestyle lift, healthy lifestyleswinger lifestyle, Stuart Hughes' gold, diamond-studded Apple iPhone 3G Supreme is 'most expensive iPhone' at $3M+

IPhone 3Gs Supreme

"The iPhone is the phone with the most tricks on the market. What possibly could we do to trick it up more? Bless it with the finest precious metal and jewels," Hughes told PC Advisor.

It took Hughes 10 months to create the phone.

luxuri phone, luxury IPhone, expencive phone of the world, best luxury phone


"Most of the 10 months was spent trying to source the diamond for the navigation button," Hughes said.

The Apple logo, embedded in the gold casing on the back of the phone, is made of 58 diamonds totaling roughly one carat. The navigation button on the front of the iPhone was made from a rare seven-carat diamond.

$3.2 Million Apple iPhone 3Gs Supreme, luxury iphone, modern and luxury phone


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Pearls and Chocolate Diamonds, a Woman’s Dream Come True!

Gold Colored Diamonds,Color, Complexion, Diamonds, Dream, Fashion


Most women’s eyes will gloss over in a dreamy state when you mention chocolate, diamonds and pearls in the same sentence. In the high fashion jewelry world, naturally occurring chocolate diamonds are looked down upon in comparison to flawless natural diamonds. Naturally occurring chocolate pearls however, are a rare commodity and extremely valuable.

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Many diamonds and pearls are naturally a brown color and therefore not as valuable since they are not a high quality gem. Retailer Le Vian was the first to coin the phrase Chocolate Diamond in an advertising campaign to get out the news of brown diamonds and that they can be used in high fashion jewelry. With the name of chocolate diamonds and pearls they became popular and attractive in high fashion jewelry, where as before they were just considered flawed diamonds without worth.

Brown cultured pearls are naturally occurring and they are considered more rare when they are a brown color. When you cut open a chocolate pearl, it will be a brown color throughout the pearl. Brown pearls apparently can be created by a bleaching process of Tahitian black pearl ; however, there is controversy as to if chocolate pearls are actually created this way or if they occur naturally and very rarely. Price would be the indicator if they are natural or not. Proper documents would be necessary to validate a high cost for a natural chocolate pearl.

Design trends with chocolate diamonds and chocolate pearls for the fall of 2009 are extremely promising. Celebrities are donning chocolate diamonds as high cost, high fashion jewelry. There are names for the different color varieties of chocolate diamonds, all related to tasty treats like Cinnamon, Cognac and Caramel. Average consumers can purchase a chocolate diamond of lower quality as well, but if you are Jennifer Lopez then your chocolate diamond will be the highest quality set in the highest quality gold and platinum right next to your naturally occurring cultured chocolate brown pearl necklace.

Chocolate diamonds can be purchased almost everywhere these days. At the low end of the price scale, you can even pick up a chocolate diamond ring or necklace at low price large retail stores with a small jewelry counter and staff that work in both the jewelry and makeup departments. On the other end of the price scale, you can walk into Tiffany’s and spend as much money as you have on a high quality chocolate diamond jewelry piece. Regardless of where or how much you paid for your diamond, they are all called chocolate diamonds.

Chocolate pearls are trendy to be in yellow gold settings this season and complement a variety of skin tones, particularly olive skinned complexions. Regardless of skin tone, a beautifully crafted chocolate pearl necklace with both chocolate diamond and clear diamonds that accent the rare beauty of either a solitaire or string of chocolate pearls would be the down fall of any woman. What better gift is there to give to a woman on Easter than a chocolate pearl necklace!

Easy and Simple Fashion Tips for the Office/Work

Sometimes, we all just require a little help with what to wear when, and for what specific purpose. Sometimes we all need to inquire from a friend or loved one if this or that looks good on us, if it’s too ‘loud’ or too subtle, if it needs a few extra stitches, etc.

It is important that you understand fully how and what to dress for, in the shortest amount of time possible. This especially goes for the ladies, who like spending a lot of time getting all made up and dressed for an occasion, only to come out looking totally not suited for the attire.

Fashion Article, Fashion Tips, Cocktail Meet, dress, occasion, Office, Work

Simple Fashion

It is advisable that you find a number of dresses that will work for you at both the office or at an impromptu cocktail meet that same evening. If you have a simple yet glamorous red lipstick of your choice to match with a black dress, the better. Also, it would do you much good to get hold of a beautiful statement necklace to complete the attire.

Also, since anything to do with the office almost always involves a press on time, then it is advisable to get yourself clothes that you will not need to iron when you are in a rush.

convenient clothes, fashion style in office


This goes for both men and women. You can get clothes that are labeled “no iron”. It would also be a very good idea to get clothes that have stretch. When you get clothes from the dryer, always hang them up immediately. This will ensure that there is minimum wrinkling on your clothes.

amazing fashion style,


If you prefer trousers, then make sure you have a pair of classy and yet stylish trousers in your wardrobe. This is because the trousers are very easy to pair up with a variety of black suits. And if you are looking for something to get you ready for a party in a few minutes, then the black trousers are for you. Just throw on a pair of matching stilettos and a nice ruffled blouse and you are set to go.

If you don’t know it yet, let me be the first to tell you. Statement accessories. That is all you need to perform a major transformation on yourself from formal work attire to “ready to party” mode in minutes. If you have on a blazer at the office, you can just take it off, leaving on your simple dress. This simple dress can be made quite stylish by a massive bracelet or other form of accessory that you can have in your bag.

For men, you should always avoid clashing colors. Shoes light in color go with pale pants and dark shoes always go with dark clothes. Do not wear very tight shirts even if you do work out. It’s tacky. Baggy clothes give you a shoddy look. For ties, the bottom tip should just barely touch your belt line. Heavier guys go for wider ties, and vice versa for the slim guys. Excessive jewelry on you makes you look like a drug baron. Stay away from the heavy gold bracelets and body piercing jewelry too while in the office.

Versace 2010 Men’s Spring and

Summer Exotic Tune

Hot in Milan ! Versace 2010 men’s spring and summer tune the color to desert-based, filled with sexy mature men taste.

This season, the series comes with a story of the brand :-

A United States war veterans in France is lost in the sand dunes, come to meet the local tribes. He got to change his ways in order to adapt to local dress customs. Uniforms and exotic mixed elements created a “mixed” style crocodile ‘men and wildness’ designed T-shirt and vest in reflecting the wildness to its fullness.

versace2010men Belt, Bracelet, Exotic, Manhood, Men, Mysterious, Rope, Series, Spring, Unique, Versace, WildnessMEN FASHION TRENTS SPRING 2010

The whole series come in white, yellowish, gray, black and blue as the main base color. With slightly mysterious necklace, bracelet, belt and other minor accessories rope runs through the whole flight cap brings out a very adventurous spirit. The two of the buttons has also replaced by string, which is rather unique. Specialty washed-style shirt brings out two different style in look, which becomes the series big bright spot.

Rod militarism with color button allows the design of some of the excessive deviation from the more moderate, the same sand bar buttons also get much hardened. Nevertheless, in trying to bring out the exotic mix effects, I guess it would be much better in opening up more space in T-shirt, showcasing the model’s chest’s charm, that would surely highlight the ‘manhood’ factor !

Versace men fashion trends spring 2010VERSACE NEW TRENDS

Monday, November 16, 2009

Roberto Cavalli with a collection of super-rich


Despite the recession and the collapse of many luxury brands, there is a designer in the world, which seeks a niche in the super-rich. Roberto Cavalli for years standing on top of winning his empire and has no intention to be scared by the crisis. The last of a brand is Cavalli "Roberto Cavalli Saint-Honoré" - the highest customer service for the designer.
roberto cavalli especialy dress for beautifull womanESPECIALY DRESS

Service will include Italian designer dresses, handmade artwork, which will be number 35 of each year. The clothes of this collection will be created for women and men who can afford to walk in a tuxedo or cocktail dress, tailored specifically for them and cost more than 40 000 dollars. The designer's wife, Eva, to observe the development of service-rich, confirms that each garment is created and intended solely for the red carpet.

stunning yellow evening gown  R-CavalliAMAZING YELLOW DRESS

R-Cavalli fashion trends 2010...JUST CAVALLI

R-Cavalli   dress for women with fashion style...SO SEXY IN BLUE

D & G with a new series of men's swimwear

мen's sexy series swimwear D&G NEW MODELS

Summer is inevitably mean a new bathing suit. From the posh Italian duo D & G immediately offered a new collection for the connoisseurs of his brand. Spite of modern and colorful tropical motifs of the season in Bansko, the Italians offered a stylish black swimsuit. Besides the men's part, the maximum cut to so that it enjoys the female eye.

amazing men whit swimwear MEN'S FASHION SWIMWEAR

So they ended a common rule that men's swimwear at home are boring compared to the rather meager for such women. The price of the new collection of swimwear for men Dolce and Gabbana start from 315 dollars a pair and as they say is audacious representatives of the strong sex.

D&G mens colection swimwear ...FOR SEXY MEN


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jessica Simpson new boots

Jessica Simpson new boots

Jessica Simpson new boots

Jessica Simpson from Dallas, Texas, a pop music singer, has keen interest in two things - one is music and the other is boots. She has various types of taste in boots. Before her fresh trail into music, Jessica has been observed trying cowboy boots in her earlier years. Many of them are now on auction on various websites and are open for bidding

Black New Boots of JESSICA SIMPSON Kalen Shoes for Women with size 8.5 with Item number: 390019011030 are available with the eBay .

Jessica Simpson and Her new Cowboy Boots is very much attractive and, at the same time, has a hot compelling and provocative look with its dazzling and attentive crimson red color.

Jessica Simpson new fashion shoesJESSICA SIMPSON SHOPING

Red Boots of Jessica Simpson cannot be carried forward at Allens, but at one of the majority widespread collections of cowboy boots of the women to another side of Hazard County.

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Jessica Simpson new boots

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Jessica Simpson new boots

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Jessica Simpson new boots

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Jessica Simpson new boots

Victoria Beckham boots in 2009

Victoria Beckham boots in 2009

Celebrity Victoria Beckham is known for her style and her choice of shoes. This year, her choice in footwear is boots. Victoria Beckham boots in 2009 are some of the hottest topics in fashion today. Just recently the celebrity was spotted in Milan wearing beautiful black boots by Christian Louboutin . These very high, very stylish boots may not be that suitable for long walks, but they certainly made Victoria look hot.

If you are interested in getting your hands on your own Victoria Beckham boots in 2009, you can. If you can afford it, you can purchase the same boots she was wearing in Milan. However, if you do not have that kind of budget, there are many new boots being released now that mimic the style. Many of these new boots are much more affordable as well. This means that even the everyday Jane can look as beautiful and hot as the super sexy and super stylishVictoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham fashion styleVictoria Beckham boots in 2009

Victoria Beckham sexy photosesion with fashion bootsVictoria Beckham boots in 2009

Victoria Beckham fashion styleVictoria Beckham boots in 2009

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