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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Louis Vuitton carry out special orders for selected travelers

Louis Vuitton carry out special orders for selected travelers

Selected for travelers suitcase and chest Louis Vuitton bespoke is of great importance. At the Louis Vuitton "16 in the Paris suburb Asnier are the first works of Louis Vuitton, which is the altar of art to travel. In the past it was the home of the educated and suave Patrick-Louis Vuitton, great grandson of the founder of the company. It is open 150 years ago and was renovated in 2005

Louis Vuitton especialy fashion bagLouis Vuitton bag

"One of my biggest challenges in recent times was the order of Chinese customers. He wanted to be able to watch TV and coffee presents to your friends while traveling, even in the most remote wilderness. We were sitting at the table in the cafeteria for one hour and did a sketch of the suitcase of his dreams. Agreed to put two solar panel generator for flat screen TVs, DVD, radio and coffee maker. It turns out that when there is energy to warm water, not enough for TV, but we can do ... "says Patrick. "I know three words of its work: quality, tradition and innovation," he added.

Patrick-Louis Vuitton is responsible for special orders of 1975 - each year receive about 450 such. Next challenge may simply remind him his first big test. This box is 1.1 meters in height and width of 0,45, where an old hi-fi system - CD player and turntable. Now modern technology provide far greater capabilities and talents of artists from the studio of Asnier is far more lightly asleep.
luxury fashion bag from Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton specialy bag

One of the customers himself from Karl Lagerfeld Chanel, turns to Patrick for a box of black leather "Taiga" with brass fasteners and red lining. This is a case of 40 iPod devices.
Impressive is the parent container traveling as a chest and a bottle of their baby.
But Patrick could also says "no." He remembers one significant event from the early 90's, when an elderly lady in a kimono comes to him from Tokyo to the collection of china cups. With her running and her two assistants. It is an important customer for the company, but it appears that just wants a box for your kitchen, to which Patrick could not agree.
New fashion luxury bagsLouis Vuitton wonderfull bag
Louis Vuitton carry out special orders for selected travelers
This is the golden rule. Trunks and chests of Louis Vuitton are genuine. They are rare and valuable heritage, which is transmitted between generations - there are those who travel through most of the year for decades. Just need to visit the studio and otbroite between 8 and 12 weeks.
With this approach, your company is not imperative pozhalva and Britney Spears showing a car upholstered in the style of Louis Vuitton.
In the company's museum you can see sandak-bed, a box of Sharon Stone and wheel elements of Louis Vuitton, showing skill and pioneering spirit.

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