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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Designers of today

Designers of today

Ralph Lauren

Modern fashion design has its own demands and its classic reformers. Let's talk about those who have intervened decisively in the past years.


Miuchiya Prada makes a small, tight skin company in the world fashion empire. The secret of the Italian designer is: "We're always happy when you can swim against the tide.
Granddaughter of Mario Prada understood that the colors, dots and curls are particularly popular in the 80's, but it changed not only boldly colors, and prints. In 1985, it offers an unusual collection of plastic bags, which immediately became a hit.
This brand is the third most successful in the world after Gucci and Armani, and has revenue of 1.5 billion dollars a year.


Baldesarini Austrian Werner began his career as an assistant in sales of men's clothing. Subsequently he became a leading designer of Boss and one of its managers.
Baldesarini works to combine luxury and comfort. High-quality materials, craftsmanship and style characteristic of Baldessarini is valued more and more.

Preen and Hussein Chalayan

Some of the most comfortable and elegant business wear offered by the brand Preen, which employs about Justin Thornton and Thea Bregatsi. For them it is like that characteristic similar colors - black, gray and white. And they have a weakness for details like lace or decorative boss.
Equally attractive is the company and Hussein Chalayan, which deals with an experimental fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a phenomenon. He is one of the gods of fashion, who discovered Claudia Schiffer. His works are extravagant and careless - they are not restricted by trends, but create them. In the past year he rights 8 collections - for Fendi, Chanel, and two of its brands. Exceptional craftsmanship and their femininity or masculinity are only additions to the insatiable desire for new.

Ralph Lauren

This fashion guru once said: "I created clothes and dreams. Why did his ideas are so durable? He makes the popular polo cashmere sweater with embossed pattern, and before that the path of past ties to a vendor creator's own collection in 1967 Nowadays, he even invented wallpaper, sheets and glasses, and his chase revenue $ 1 billion of year.

Richard James

Richard James is a master of menswear. It is classic and modern - the second definition means that constantly create something new. Daring combinations and struck work give more style to any gentleman.

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