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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sultan of Brunei paid 24 000 dollars for haircut

Sultan of Brunei paid 24 000 dollars for haircut

Bolkia to bear the name means many things. Most important of them is that if your last name, then surely you're the Sultan of Brunei and its one of the richest people in the world. The latest news about the Sultan is certainly eccentric, at least during the global financial crisis. Sultan just decided he needs a haircut and paid for her record-breaking sum of 24 000 dollars. This is certainly one of the most expensive haircut in the world and the reason to part with so much money just for a haircut is as follows.
Sultan of Brunei WITH NEW haircut Sultan of Brunei

Barber, who each month traveling the distance from England to London to cut the ruler of Brunei this time had to fly in a special room. The sultan, who is afraid of swine flu hairdresser wanted to isolate from other passengers and ordered his special luxury cabin aboard the plane.

Sultan Bolkia with new fashion man haircutBolkia

Barber from Dorchester podstrigva Sultan of Brunei for 16 years. Every month he travels to Brunei and it was brought substantial revenue. Otherwise the gym in Dorchester would have a similar haircut worth only 30 pounds. But the Sultan, whose property is estimated at nearly 12 billion pounds Sven does not seem to be paid 24 000 dollars for a haircut. dress and says whatever he wants. It least you deserve it.

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